The Price of EuroCup Success for the Hamburg Towers: Their Splitting Journey in Basketball

Basketball: The splits of the Hamburg Towers!  EuroCup success has a high price

Record Performance and Happy Faces: Towers Win Against Trento

After winning 89:87 against Trento, the Inselpark was filled with happy faces, as Hamburg’s basketball players secured their spot in the play-off round of 16 in the EuroCup against the eighth team in the Italian league. The only person that cried big tears was Amara, the daughter of Hamburg’s hero Yoeli Childs, overwhelmed by the hustle and bustle after her dad’s record performance of 20 rebounds and 18 points.

A Symbolic Scene

While the win was a significant achievement for the Towers, the second highest European competition is a balancing act for them. With the team fighting against relegation in the Bundesliga, they are in the round of 16 for the second time in a row in the EuroCup. Nevertheless, Coach Benka Barloschky acknowledges that it comes at a high price.

The Cost of EuroCup

Unlike in football, the EuroCup costs money, and there is no bonus for the round of 16. Each participating team receives 100,000 euros, which barely covers the travel expenses for nine away games across nine countries. Before their first participation, the Towers also invested around 100,000 euros to upgrade their technology in the Inselpark to meet EuroCup standards. The games during the week also attract fewer fans, resulting in subsidy deals for the team.

Thin Squad and Overload

With a squad of ten professionals, the Towers were already thin from the start, making it challenging to manage the 18 additional games. Top performers like Anthony Polite and Lukas Meisner lost more than 30 minutes against Tranto, but Barloschky refuses to acknowledge overload, stating that the boys are paid to be professional athletes.

The Importance of International Exposure

Despite the cost and strain on the team, it was essential for Boss Marvin Willoughby to present the team internationally, learn as much as possible, and enhance the up-and-coming big city club’s reputation. Participation is also an essential argument in terms of player commitment.

Future Participation

Since there are no tough sporting criteria for participation in the EuroCup, the Towers could still qualify for next season, even if they miss BBL Playoffs. Nevertheless, Willoughby remains solely focused on the team’s first relegation final on Saturday against Frankfurt.

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