Chris Pratt Teases Super Mario Cinematic Universe with Exciting Post-Credits Scene Revelation

Super Mario Bros. Movie Could Launch a Cinematic Universe

The premiere of the Super Mario Bros. movie could mean the beginning of something much bigger: a movie franchise, with sequels or spin-offs. In other words, a cinematic universe, as they are called now. Chris Pratt, the star who voices Mario in the original version, has dropped that Super Mario Bros. The Movie will lead to sequels and even an entire universe of this type of movie.

Pratt believes that the movie is “very promising in terms of what we can expect over the next 10 years… like a whole universe of these kinds of movies.” He describes the movie as “super nostalgic” and “very funny.”

Post-Credits Scene to Hint at Sequel

In an interview with CBR, Pratt confirmed that the Super Mario movie will have a post-credits scene that will give a hint at the direction of a possible sequel. He describes the post-credits scene as something that “gives you a clue as to what the sequel is going to be about.” Pratt expresses his excitement about the post-credits scene and its potential to lead to sequels.

Luigi’s Mansion and Donkey Kong Spin-Offs

Pratt also mentioned that there have been talks about making a Luigi’s Mansion movie. He thinks that it would be great to make a movie about this popular character. However, rumors suggest that the first spin-off of the Super Mario movie will focus on Donkey Kong. Seth Rogen will voice Donkey Kong, and the spin-off could be made for television.

Dedicated Hearts and Souls in the Film

Pratt reassures fans that there are “a lot of dedicated hearts and souls in this film.” The team behind the movie wants to make sure that it doesn’t cynically destroy your childhood memories with a jackpot.


The Super Mario Bros. movie opens in theaters on April 5 and is expected to be the start of a major franchise for Universal and Nintendo. The movie could lead to more sequels and spin-offs, including a possible Luigi’s Mansion movie and a Donkey Kong spin-off. Fans can look forward to a post-credits scene that will hint at a possible sequel.

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