Chemnitzer FC Claims Victory over Erzgebirge Aue in Saxony Cup with 3-0 Win

Saxony Cup: Chemnitzer FC beats Erzgebirge Aue 3-0

Chemnitzer FC Triumphs in Sachsenpokal

What a great cup evening for Chemnitzer FC! The regional league team won a one-sided 3-0 match against opponents, Erzgebirge Aue, securing their place in the Sachsenpokal semi-finals. The 14,000 ecstatic spectators were treated to a thrilling victory for the outsider.

The CFC fans in the southern stand created an impressive sight with their fireworks display at the beginning of the game, while on the pitch, the Chemnitz players impressed straight away.

At the first minute, Stephan Mensah broke through on the left and passed into the centre, setting up Furkan Kircicek who made a straightforward goal. Kilian Pagliuca also tested the Aue goalkeeper Martin Männel from 20 meters, who steered the ball over the crossbar (12th).

FC Erzgebirge struggled to get a foothold in the game. The hosts were dominating with their excellent play from the start. Sixteen minutes in, Chris Löwe carefully spooned a free kick from the left into the penalty area, where Tim Campulka headed the ball to make it 2-0 in no time.

In the first half, Antonio Jonjic’s dangerous shot from a distance was the only highlight from Aue. CFC goalkeeper Jakub Jakubov deflected the ball preventing Aue from having a say in the game (36′)

During the break, Matthias Heidrich, the sports director of FCE, was unhappy, grumbling that “We can’t continue like this, we have to be more active.” He knew that it was time for his team to step up.

Sijaric and Marco Schikora joined Aue coach Pavel Dotchev’s team during the halftime break. Shortly after the restart, CFC coach Christian Tiffert faced an injury-compelled substitution. Stephan Mensah, one of their strongest players until then, had to go out with a thigh injury. Felix Brügmann came in for the winger.

Chemnitz continued to pile on the pressure and had better chances. In the 58th minute, Männel was able to deflect a header from Tobias Müller just in time. Eighty-fourth minute saw the Aue captain beaten. Löwe poked the ball away from Nico Gorzel and passed it to Brügmann, who then scored, making it 3-0.

The Aue players were mercilessly hissed at by the 1,800 travelling fans because of their loss, while CFC’s supporters enjoyed a successful night with their favourite team.

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