DHL Rejects Request for Convenient Links on New Deliveries

DHL doesn't want handy links for new deliveries

Did you know that if you miss a DHL delivery, you have the option to request a different delivery time or location? This lesser-known option is available through a web form, without requiring an app. It’s especially helpful because some DHL parcel stations require an app for opening and use customers’ smartphones for data traffic. However, Digitalcourage, an association focused on privacy and data protection, awarded DHL with a “Big Brother” award for this.

Digitalcourage has established a website,, to help users find the web forms needed for requesting a new delivery. The site explains the process and links directly to the forms. This demonstrates one advantage of the Internet – the ability to link directly to content, regardless of where it comes from.

Unfortunately, DHL has recently updated their URLs, making it impossible to access the forms directly. Referring browsers to the help page instead, DHL requires users to navigate through several sections to find the forms they need. The reason behind this decision is unclear, and while we’re awaiting a response from DHL, Digitalcourage suggests searching for the forms can be done via

Knowing how to request a redelivery can save you time and make the delivery process more convenient, so it’s worth taking a look at Hopefully, DHL will eventually streamline its process and make it easier for users to access the necessary forms.

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