Amira’s Method of Reconciling Oliver Pocher with Sandy Meyer-Wölden

Oliver Pocher ex Sandy Meyer-Wölden reveals: That's how Amira reconciled me with Olli

Oliver Pocher’s ex-wife Sandy Meyer-Wölden recently celebrated her 40th birthday in none other than Paris! Her birthday celebrations took place a few days prior to her actual birthday, as it was the only weekend where the whole family could gather. This included Oliver Pocher, his new wife Amira, and the children. It was a surprising twist, considering their rocky past and the uncertainty over whether this patchwork family could ever get along.

In a recent interview with BILD, Sandy Meyer-Wölden opened up about her blended family life with Olli, Amira, and their children. The fact that they all sat together peacefully at the table, posed for pictures, and looked like they were having fun was not always the case. Sandy and Oliver were previously married from 2010 to 2014 and have three children together, while Oliver and Amira have two children together and got married in 2019.

During the interview, Sandy shared that Paris held a special place in her heart and was therefore the perfect place to celebrate her 40th birthday. She also described her relationship with Amira as being great, commending Amira for being open to getting to know her and integrate into the family dynamics. Initially, it was a challenge for Sandy to accept Amira, but with time and patience, their relationship improved.

Sandy credited good communication and putting the children first for their harmonious relationship. Although she thought of herself as being protective of her children, particularly around new people, she felt that she was lucky to have Amira as part of the family. They have taken the step back from their egos and put their children at the forefront of their interactions.

Oliver Pocher, who was also interviewed by BILD, took a typically humorous and moody approach to Sandy’s birthday. According to him, he did not give her a gift, explaining that his presence was enough. However, Amira had a different opinion and may have given Sandy a present. Overall, the most significant gift for Sandy was the time spent with her family, and she expressed gratitude for it.

Sandy currently lives in the United States but wants to spend as much time in Europe and Germany as possible. She is comfortable living in America and has no plans of leaving. All in all, her 40th birthday celebrations were emotional, and she reflected on the fact that she has already lived a significant part of her life.

In conclusion, Sandy Meyer-Wölden’s 40th birthday turned out to be a lovely affair with her blended family celebrating together. It appears that they have worked hard to create a harmonious relationship, putting the children first, and taking time to understand and appreciate one another.

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