New Details on Celebrity Revealed in Broken Wendler Documentary

Laura Müller and Michael Wendler should have starred in a documentary on RTL Zwei to showcase their lives, but the station cancelled the project. The planned documentary sparked massive protests from the public concerning various statements made in the past by Michael Wendler, who lost his job as a “DSDS” juror at RTL in 2021. The Geiss family, which has its own RTL-Zwei format, “The Geissens – A Terribly Glamorous Family,” spoke critically on an Instagram post and threatened to take actions if the documentary was aired. The Geissens played a pivotal role behind the scenes, and several phone calls with those responsible at the station took place to stop the project.

Carmen and Robert Geiss expressed that showing a clear edge and distancing themselves clearly from Michael Wendler was essential. When discussing the cancellation, they said, “We welcome the fact that the broadcaster has shown the courage to reverse its decision. We are in contact with the broadcaster boss and colleagues and are glad that responsibility has been taken on here.” The Geissens emphasized that only those who show real insight and remorse, balance their debts and obligations, and don’t evade creditors by moving to another country, deserve a new chance.

Michael Wendler has now taken a stand on his official Twitter account, emphasizing that he rejects any form of racism and anti-Semitism. He believes it’s time for reconciliation and emphasizes that he still believes in the dialogue. Despite his willingness to work with RTL and RTL Zwei, it is unclear if such collaboration will happen in the future.

Overall, the decision to cancel the documentary on Laura Müller and Michael Wendler is a positive step, ensuring that figures with questionable statements and actions do not receive a platform on national television, and it is a sign that audiences are sensitive to these issues.

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