BILD Podcast: Djamila Rowe’s Support Between Woelke and Klein

BILD show podcast: Woelke or Klein – who does Djamila Rowe support?

In the latest episode of “Zuckerbrot&Peitsche”, hosts Janina Kirsch and Tanja May invite the jungle queen Djamila Rowe to discuss the recent dispute between Yvonne Woelke and Iris Klein. As Rowe knows both parties well, the hosts are curious to learn whose side she is on. The episode is available on Apple and Spotify.

The dispute between Woelke and Klein began when intimate WhatsApp messages from Klein fueled suspicions that she and her ex-husband had recently had sex. Although they are separated, the allegations caused big tears for Woelke. Iris sent voice messages to Woelke and attached a photo of herself and her ex from the bathroom, where she is dressed and he is (almost) naked, according to BILD.

On the show, the hosts also discuss the failed TV documentary by Michael Wendler and Laura Mueller at RTL2. BILD learned that the couple found out about the show’s cancellation while they were sleeping in Florida. Wendler expressed his frustration in a post, asking why he was being denied rehabilitation and calling out the “hateful informers” in Germany.

Meanwhile, on Germany’s Next Top Model, the candidates undergo the legendary makeover that is known to cause tears, despair, and emotional outbursts. Even host Heidi Klum demanded a new look for herself. However, the makeover proved to be too much for some of the model candidates, as bitter tears flowed down their faces.

Overall, there’s no shortage of drama and emotion in the latest episode of “Zuckerbrot&Peitsche”, with Rowe providing her insight into the Woelke-Klein dispute. The episode can be found on Apple and Spotify for those interested in tuning in.

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