RTVE’s New Reality Shows: Blending Theater, Humor, and Soccer Players with Celebrities

RTVE’s search for new entertainment formats

RTVE, the Spanish broadcaster, is continuing its search for entertainment formats that can match the success of Eurovision or ‘Masterchef’. Two of its latest offerings are ‘An este paso (no) we premiere’ and ‘Invictus’, which are reality shows focused on theatre and humor, respectively.

‘A este paso (no) estremos’

RTVE‘s new reality show, ‘A este paso (no) extremes, will air on La 2 and is aimed at aspiring actors. It will be hosted by Cristina Castaño, Inma Cuevas, and Ángel Ruiz, who will act as mentors to 30 celebrities who hope to become theatre actors.

Contestants will need to demonstrate their acting skills by performing classic Spanish theatre productions such as ‘El perro del hortelano’, ‘Bodas de Sangre, ‘Luces de bohemia’, ‘La vida es sueño’ and ‘Don Juan Tenorio’. The show will be filmed at the Corral de Comedias in Alcalá de Henares and will feature advice from playwright Álvaro Tato.


RTVE’s second new reality show is called ‘Invictus”, and will feature footballer Joan Capdevila. The show was unveiled on the last episode of ‘Días de tele’, a popular Spanish TV program, where Capdevila described the project as “very interesting” and “humorous”.

Capdevila also hinted that he will be accompanied by a famous exporter, whose identity has not yet been revealed. Some are speculating that the exporter in question could be Íker Casillas, who has a popular TikTok account. Although RTVE has not yet made an official announcement about the show, it has confirmed that it is one of its upcoming projects.

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