Andrés García Receives Intense Medical Attention and Complete Detoxification

Andrés García’s Battle with Cirrhosis: A Health Update

Andrés García, a renowned Mexican actor, continues to fight against the cirrhosis he suffers from after leading a life full of excesses. The famous man is now free of toxic substances after his wife, Margarita Portillo recently revealed that García had a cocaine overdose, a medical emergency that left him in the hospital.

Portillo revealed to the YouTube program Gustavo Adolfo Infante that a doctor went to examine Andrés last Saturday and found him in good health. The doctor prescribed more medicine, but the most relevant thing is that Andrés is detoxified, making him more lucid than before, she said.

Additionally, Margarita shared that Andrés has started to eat a little more, as his appetite had diminished after accumulating toxins in his stomach for some time. She added that Andrés asked for a lot of things to eat, and he was given vitamins and intravenous iron once a month.

However, despite Andrés being stable, he has lost a lot of weight, and his movements are limited. He cannot walk properly and often requires the help of a wheelchair for support. His wife said that the doctor sees him well, but they need to take him out onto the patio using the wheelchair and then move him to another comfortable chair to watch the birds.

Margarita also revealed that Andrés sometimes wakes up feeling sad and begs for a reconciliation with his children before he passes away. She added that his disease is complicated, and he had severe withdrawal symptoms, both physical and mental, after eliminating or reducing the consumption of drugs.

Currently, Andrés García, 81, is in bed and receiving palliative care due to the degenerative nature of cirrhosis of the liver. His health condition has made it impossible for him to maintain good health. Despite this, throughout his illustrious career, he has participated in more than 70 films and more than 20 television programs and soap operas.

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