2023’s Let’s Dance: Who Else is Missing in Episode Three?

"Let's Dance" 2023: Who else is there?  You missed that in episode three

Fans of the beloved dance show, “Let’s Dance,” are excited for a new season filled with melodious music, glittering costumes, and talented celebrities. The show, which airs on RTL, began on February 17, 2023, and features 14 celebrities paired with a professional partner. Each week, the dancing pairs must learn a new dance and perform it in front of the audience and judges.

The competition is fierce, and one celebrity is eliminated each episode. Readers can find out who was eliminated in the latest episode and how many points each dancing couple received by reading BILD. Additionally, the article provides an overview of all “Let’s Dance” points earned throughout the season so far.

In the third episode, Ali and Christina impressed the judges with their Charleston, earning them 20 points. Sally and Massimo, as well as Knossi and Isabel, tied with 19 points for their Slowfox performances. Natalia and Andrzej also earned 19 points for their Tango, while Younes and Malika received 17 points for their Viennese Waltz. Chryssanthi and Vadim received the lowest score of the night with their Cha Cha Cha, earning only 13 points.

The article also includes a recap of episode one and two, outlining the dance styles and points earned by each couple. Anna and Valentin had the highest score in episode one with their Tango, earning 25 points. In episode two, they continued to impress the judges with their Cha Cha Cha, earning 29 points, the highest score of the night. Sharon and Alexandru’s Contemporary performance was also well-received, earning them 25 points.

Fans can also see who is paired with whom in the current season with the article’s overview of all dance couples. With glittering costumes, breathtaking performances, and high stakes, “Let’s Dance” continues to be a fan favorite.

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