Why Backstab 3 Experiment by Craig Mazin, John August, and Rian Johnson Debunks AI Screenwriting Myths

ChatGPT: An Artificial Intelligence Revolutionizing Productivity?

Since ChatGPT became a trending topic, it has been marketed as a tool that has the potential to revolutionize human productivity but is also a threat to jobs that may eventually replace us. However, as the meme goes, “let’s calm down,” and the recent test of ChatGPT’s capabilities proves it.

The Failed Experiment

In the recent episode of the podcast ‘Scriptnotes,’ titled ‘Rian Johnson Returns,’ the AI was tested with a rather peculiar request; to create a premise for a ‘Knives in the Back’ murder mystery set in space with Benoit Blanc.

The result was full of vacuous clichés and the script was nothing but a work of a ‘bullshit artist.’ The basic approach of ChatGPT is very amateurish, according to Craig Mazin, who said that it reminds him of his understanding of narrative structure when he was starting out.

The Flawed Artificial Intelligence

As the experiment progressed, it was apparent that ChatGPT’s abilities have nothing on the human element of screenwriting. Screenwriting requires not only putting words on paper but also communicating with people to relay the vision, to address concerns, and create something that people can connect to.

Creatives can rest assured that while ChatGPT can create text, it lacks the human element of communication, which ultimately makes us essential.

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