The Real Savage Xokas Reveals his Yearly Earnings to ChatGPT

A Dream Job: Being an Influencer

It is no secret that being an influencer, tiktoker, youtuber or streamer is one of the most sought-after jobs by young people worldwide. The allure of earning a considerable sum of money and living a life of luxury lures many to this profession. However, the percentage of successful influencers is meager, with only a few making it big on these platforms.

Successful Influencers

Some successful influencers, such as Ibai, AuronPlay, El Rubius, and El Xokas have amassed millions of subscribers and followers on their various social media channels. In one of the recent broadcast sessions on his channel, El Xokas revealed his earnings in response to a question from ChatGPT, an artificial intelligence-driven chatbot.

Earnings of an Influencer

El Xokas disclosed that he earned a million gross euros a year from his work on different platforms. This revelation left many of his subscribers surprised as it demonstrated the amount of money that an individual with a large following could make.

ChatGPT’s Investment Advice

El Xokas went on to ask ChatGPT about where he should invest his earnings. The chatbot advised him to diversify his investments across different platforms. This would ensure that he could continue to earn money even if he was excluded from any of the platforms.

In addition to diversification, ChatGPT provided several other suggestions for investing his earnings. These were more general investment strategies and not specific to the influencer industry.


The story of El Xokas’ earnings on social media channels is a testament to the potential income that these platforms offer. However, it is essential to keep in mind that becoming a successful influencer takes a considerable amount of time, effort, and dedication. Only a few make it, and it is not a profession for everyone.

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