What to Do During Fashion Week in Paris: Schedule, Events, and Hotspots

The Fashion Week is making its grand return to Paris! Here, you will find all the news related to this week of fashion in the capital. Program, events, runway shows, and hotspots, here’s what you need to know!

The Fashion Week celebrates the couture and creativity of the French Fashion Houses and young designers, during an exceptional week in the heart of Paris, the fashion capital of the world. Ready-to-Wear or Haute Couture, runway shows or collection presentations, it’s the must-attend event for fashion enthusiasts and trendsetters!

Whether it’s the program of the runway shows, related events, hotspots, or insider tips, you will find the latest news and ideas for outings to live, eat, celebrate, and dream Fashion Week!

From trendy spots to the most Instagrammable locations in the capital, here’s everything you need to inspire you throughout the seasons and not miss a thing during this week of fashion. All you have to do is put together your best looks, we’ll take care of the rest!

Request the program!

Paris Fashion Week: the provisional program of the Spring-Summer 2024 Women’s Ready-to-Wear shows. Fashion Week is returning to Paris from September 25 to October 3, 2023! This week of fashion is the opportunity for the major Fashion Houses and young designers to present their Spring-Summer 2024 Women’s Ready-to-Wear collections through shows, presentations, and trendy events in the capital. [Read more]

Paris Fashion Week: the Spring-Summer 2024 Women’s Fashion shows to follow via livestream. Fashion Week is returning to Paris from September 25 to October 3, 2023! It’s a 100% fashion week during which the couture houses and designers unveil the new trends in Spring-Summer 2024 Women’s Ready-to-Wear. And lucky for us! Some shows are even livestreamed! [Read more]

Fashion, Fashion, Fashion!

Paris Fashion Week: mark your calendars! The “Girl Power” Show by L’Oréal Paris 2023 is back! L’Oréal Paris is returning with the 6th edition of its annual show on October 1, 2023, at 9 pm, right in the heart of Paris Fashion Week! Join us in the majestic setting of the Eiffel Tower, where the iconic ambassadors of the beauty brand will walk the runway in fabulous outfits by major Fashion Houses. Join the movement, support women’s empowerment! [Read more]

The best pop-up stores in Paris right now. Are you a fan of new concepts? You won’t be disappointed with the variety of pop-up stores in the capital. Fashion, jewelry & accessories, beauty & sports, home decor, i-tech, or even food, ideas and inspirations abound to pique everyone’s interest. [Read more]

Fashion exhibitions: stylish couture events to discover in Paris right now. Parisian museums and art galleries are offering numerous fashion exhibitions this year. From legendary figures to contemporary designers, you’ll be amazed! To not miss any of these fashion events, follow the guide! [Read more]

Fashionable restaurants, bars, and soirées

Paris Fashion Week 2023: the Lolita party, with blazing DJ sets and lively Drag shows. The special “Fashion Week” Lolita party celebrates the Fashion Week at La Nuit, the new club in the 9th arrondissement of Paris, on Friday, September 29, 2023. Get ready for a stylish experience in the heart of the capital, with dancing, blazing DJ sets, and lively Drag shows! [Read more]

Paris Fashion Week 2023: Restaurants to dine at during the fashion week. Fashion Week is back in Paris, and with it comes a plethora of colorful, outrageous, and trendy looks to admire in the streets of the capital. And because fashion enthusiasts are also incredible foodies, here’s a selection of trendy, chic, and festive restaurants to discover during Paris Fashion Week. [Read more]

Where to grab a drink during the Fashion Week 2023 in Paris? Our favorite bars. Fashion Week is returning to Paris! For a week, the capital is buzzing with fashion shows and a whirlwind of amazing looks. To unwind after a busy day, we reveal our favorite bars in Paris, where you can enjoy creative cocktails in a unique setting. These amazing addresses are meant to be shared with your fashion-loving friends! [Read more]

The best fashion and Haute Couture cafés and restaurants in Paris. Paris, the capital of fashion… and gastronomy! These alluring qualities blend together to create chic and gourmet addresses, led by trendy chefs, that appeal to fashion enthusiasts and other lovers of the French art of living. Discover our guide to branded cafés and restaurants, the ultimate accessories of the luxury fashion world. [Read more]

And much more!

Paris Fashion Week: amazing photo spots to capture your looks in the capital. Fashion Week is back in Paris, and it’s the perfect opportunity for everyone to showcase their trendiest looks on social media. We reveal our favorite photo spots in Paris to capture your outfits! [Read more]

Paris Fashion Week: tips and tricks to improve your portraits and photoshoots! Fashion Week is returning to Paris, and it’s the perfect occasion to capture your looks! For this special occasion, we share amazing tips and tricks to improve your portraits and photoshoots with your smartphone! [Read more]

Fashion & Shopping tips for September 2023, in Paris and the Île-de-France region. Fashion is a luxury, but not unattainable! From vintage events to free couture exhibitions, to stylish activities in unique or iconic locations, this guide covers the capital to deliver the best fashion & shopping tips for September 2023! [Read more]

This week, unleash your style and proudly display it in the capital! It means Fashion Week, baby!

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