What Security Measures are in Place for the Olympic Games?

The Olympic Games will be held in Paris this summer. However, an attack on December 2 has reignited concerns about security. The opening ceremony will take place along the Seine River, which is a new and unprecedented approach. The authorities have announced that 45,000 police, gendarmes, and private security agents will be deployed to ensure the safety of the event. The public access to the Olympic sites will be restricted, and certain areas will be closed to vehicles unless they have a QR code or are owned by residents.

The question of security is a major concern in light of the recent attack near the Eiffel Tower. The event is expected to be grand, with a spectacular opening ceremony as world athletes parade down the Seine River. The security measures have been described as extensive, with 45,000 security personnel deployed on the streets of Paris. The Seine River will also be monitored by the river brigade, and the public will be required to undergo strict security checks.

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