This Bus is the Ideal Restaurant for Dining while Crossing Paris!

The Saint-Germain 1920 Bus is the perfect way to discover the City of Lights while enjoying a romantic dinner. Paris offers unique experiences, whether you’re a tourist or a local. This bus, which allows you to dine with the City of Lights as a backdrop, is proof of that. Let’s take a closer look at the Saint Germain 1920 Bus.

The Perfect Combination of an Imperial and Glamorous Bus
Crossing Paris and its iconic monuments, its typical streets, and dining thanks to the Toqué Paris Bus is the ideal plan for this autumn-winter period. It runs along the Left Bank, between Saint-Germain and the Eiffel Tower. More than just a tourist bus, it offers a gastronomic experience in a unique setting. Launched in 2018, this mobile restaurant has managed to find its place in the capital. Although it may leave you perplexed at first glance, you quickly succumb to its charm and the services it offers. Vincent Durand, the brainchild behind this idea, wanted to showcase Paris from a different perspective.

Gourmet Delights on Wheels
As for the meal served, French cuisine takes center stage. For example, the French Caviar from Sologne delights the taste buds of customers. The dishes are prepared in advance and finalized on-site to ensure the freshness of the products. When it comes to beverages, champagne from Billecart-Salmon and selections from the Ô Château House in Paris will accompany the dishes as they should.

A quick look at the menu will make you realize that the dishes offered have nothing to do with the ones we’re used to being served on trains or planes.

For dinner:

– “Paris By Night” 5-course menu (€110, €130 with 2 glasses of wine, €160 with champagne and 4 wines): Pea gazpacho with mint and sherry vinegar, strawberry mirepoix. Royal Sea Bream with mango and coriander, passion fruit vinaigrette. Normandy farmhouse guinea fowl breast with thyme-infused jus, yellow carrot mousseline, spring vegetables. Assortment of cheeses from the Fromagerie de Paris (Eric Lefebvre, Meilleur Ouvrier de France – Truffle Camembert – Cantal between two AOP – Morbier AOP). Lemon dessert by Mathieu Mandard, the French Champion of desserts: lemon biscuit, lemon and mint apple compote, lemon mousse, raspberry icing.

Parisian dinner is served in 3 courses starting from €90.

For lunch:

– “Rive Gauche” Lunch, served in 4 courses for €70.

An audiovisual guide in 6 languages will accompany you throughout the gastronomic journey. So, let yourself be tempted by this experience in the heart of Paris!

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