Explore Systems Thinking in Large-Scale Modeling with Xin Yao on software-architektur.tv

software-architektur.tv: Systems Thinking in Large-Scale Modeling with Xin Yao

Software development, despite being a technical field, is ultimately a human activity. It produces some of the most complex artifacts ever created by mankind. To navigate this complexity, systems thinking can be invaluable. In a special episode of OOP, Xin Yao provides an overview of systems thinking and its application in supporting complex software developments in large socio-technical environments.

Xin Yao’s talk on systems thinking will be featured at the OOP conference. For more information about Xin Yao, her professional details can be found on LinkedIn. The episode will be conducted in English.

In other news, this week’s Lisa Moritz’s sketch notes have been canceled. However, the live stream of the show will still be available on Friday, June 16. Viewers can access the live stream on the videocast website or on YouTube. Additionally, viewers have the opportunity to submit live questions during the broadcast.

The live stream will take place on Friday, June 16, 2023, at 12 noon (CEST). Following the live stream, the episode will be available as a recording for those who were unable to watch it live. Audience members can interact and ask questions through various platforms, including Twitch, YouTube chat, Twitter (@ewolff), or an anonymous form on the videocast website.

The software-architektur.tv videocast is hosted by Eberhard Wolff, a well-known software architect who works for the IT consulting company INNOQ. Eberhard Wolff is also a blogger and podcaster on heise developer. Since June 2020, over 100 episodes have been created, covering various aspects of software architecture. Sometimes, Wolff is joined by guests, while other episodes feature him alone. The episodes, streamed via YouTube, are included in the online channel of heise Developer, allowing viewers from Heise Medien to follow the videocast.

For more details about the episode and additional information, interested individuals can visit the videocast website.

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