The ‘Seamless Strategy’ Fans Use to Outsmart Netflix and Avoid Cancellation of their Favorite Series

A Worrying Trend of Series Cancellation on Netflix

When we talk about Netflix, we often discuss the cancellation of one of its original series before its natural end. It is no secret that the platform is known for canceling content that is deemed unprofitable according to its ambiguous business logic.

In a nutshell, Netflix aims to create cost-effective series that attract a certain audience to offset the production costs. The impact on the platform’s finances can be tremendous for high-cost original productions like Stranger Things. Despite the popularity of a series, the decision to renew it is often based on data that is not available to the general public.

Fans of original Netflix series are left to speculate on a show’s future. They rely on the data Netflix shares through its weekly rankings website, which places a lot of significance on the first 28 days of a series in the platform’s catalog.

This puts the fans in a tricky situation, as they do not have access to the metrics that could guarantee the success of their favorite series. To avoid the cancellation of their show, some fans of Shadow and Bone have organized themselves on Reddit to watch the series repeatedly.

Their aim is to keep the series at the top of the Netflix ranking to increase its chances of being renewed. Some fans have reportedly seen the series 60 times, while others watch it up to five times a week in “Watch Parties.”

Since the premiere of its second season, Shadow and Bone has spent five weeks in the top 10 on Netflix. However, the series’ figures are not as impressive as other leading series like Stranger Things.

It is uncertain whether this strategy will work since Netflix may track repeated viewings from the same account. Yet, it is evident that many see Netflix as the bogeyman of series cancellations, and it is hard to argue against this.

To increase their show’s chances of renewal, some fans are taking this a step further by watching the series with a hat and glasses, using a false mustache to convince Netflix that they are different people. Although this may seem ludicrous, it is a testament to the frustration shared by fans of original Netflix content.

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