The OMR Festival: Revolutionizing Tomorrow with Kai Pflaume, Sascha Lobo, and the Hipsters

OMR Festival: Shaping the future with Kai Pflaume, Sascha Lobo and the hipsters

The OMR Festival in Hamburg, a platform for online marketing doers, is being moderated by Kai Pflaume, a television veteran with social media prowess. The festival attracts a demographic that appreciates mountain sports and natural brands. Sascha Lobo, an AI and brand opinion speaker, is among the festival’s influential lineup. He discusses the potential of artificial intelligence in a lecture called, “An AI Jerk Must Go Through Germany.” The festival is also a promotional event for brands, with Robert Geiss sharing how authenticity can generate attention, while influencers take over social media channels such as Instagram and Tiktok to spread their messages and discount codes. Companies such as Meta, Google, and Amazon are also present as exhibitors.

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