The Night Agent: The Netflix Series That Overcame Rejection to Become a Bombshell

The History of Success: The Night Agent’s Journey to Netflix

The world of entertainment is rife with groundbreaking concepts that were previously rejected by several contributors until they finally found success. Shawn Ryan, the creator of The Night Agent, shared with Deadline how his series was rejected numerous times before finally being picked up by Netflix.

Based on the novel by Matthew Quirk, Ryan’s excitement for the project was initially met with rejection due to the belief that the plot wasn’t extensive enough for an entire season. However, in just five days, Ryan was able to concoct a pilot episode script that fused the original story idea together with his own concept of an escort in charge of the United States Vice President’s daughter.

Despite a dozen studios refusing to take on the project, both NBC Universal and Netflix expressed interest in the series. Katz, the fictional content’s president, proposed Ryan produce a pilot and, pending its success, decide whether it would air on NBC or Peacock. Netflix’s offer, on the other hand, required the creator to make a few changes, which ultimately enhanced the quality of the pilot episode according to Ryan.

VP of Drama Series Jinny Howe was concerned about the potential division of focus between the storylines of Secret Service and Peter and Rose. Ryan went on to consult and adjust the script accordingly. Following this, Sony and Netflix began working together to create a full season, which would consist of ten episodes. After careful discussions and presentations, the series finally received a green light from Netflix and became a hit.

The Night Agent’s journey serves as a testament to the power of persistence and creativity in the entertainment industry. Its success has resulted in a second season being announced, much to the delight of its legions of followers.

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