The Night Agent Secures Season 2 on Netflix with Set Release Date in 2023!

Netflix Renews ‘The Night Agent’ for Second Season

Netflix wasted no time renewing ‘The Night Agent‘ for a second season just a week after the premiere of the series. The success of the show has been impressive, achieving the third best premiere of all time for a series on the platform. As a result, any doubts about a renewal were cleared almost immediately.

Despite the fast renewal, the show’s premiere won’t be until 2024, which is historically unusual for Netflix. While there have been cases where the platform ordered multiple seasons at once, this is a rare occurrence for the company, especially recently. Fans of ‘Sandman’ will remember their struggles before the show’s continuity was ensured.

‘The Night Agent’ Synopsis

Based on the novel by Matthew Quirk, ‘The Night Agent‘ is about a low-ranking FBI agent who works in the basement of the White House waiting for his chance to shine. However, he never gets that opportunity until one night when he receives a call claiming there is a mole in the highest levels of the US government.

Lead actors Gabriel Basso, Luciane Buchanan, Hong Chau, and Enrique Murciano bring the thriller to life in a series developed by Shawn Ryan, known for his work on ‘The Shield.’

With the series already gaining a huge following, many are eagerly anticipating the show’s return in 2024. Until then, viewers can enjoy the previous season and wait for what’s to come.

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