The Mystery of Schuster’s Lilies in Darmstadt’s Lautern

Lautern in Darmstadt: Does Schuster bend his lilies?

Dirk Schuster, the current coach of Lautern, is set to face his former team, Darmstadt 98, on Saturday night. Schuster and his assistant coach Sascha Franz had a successful spell with Darmstadt, making their way from the 3rd division to the Bundesliga, and then eventually getting relegated.

Despite the fond memories of his time with the club, Schuster is adamant about winning the game out of sporting ambition and his self-image, stating that they want to win no matter who the opponent is. He also warns his team that the new Darmstadt squad is formidable, with great tactical skill and physical readiness.

Promoted Lautern will play against all three top teams in the coming weeks, and Schuster believes that they can annoy them and potentially tip the scales. Their game against Darmstadt is crucial, as they currently have 4 points in front of Lautern in the promotion fight.

While Schuster looks back fondly on his time with Darmstadt, he knows that there’s no mercy for the old love in a game like this. He and his team are determined to secure a victory, and will do everything possible to make it happen.

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