The March 19th Episode: All the Buzz about the Upstager

“Who is stealing the show from me?” on March 19th: all information about the new episode

In the latest season of “Who is stealing the show from me?”, moderator Joko Winterscheidt faces the challenge of trying to keep his job as wild card contestants attempt to steal his spot on the show. In the first episode, 26-year-old Helena managed to put Joko on the candidate bench. The following episode saw Helena take the reins as the new presenter and put Joko and the star guests to the test in a quiz about everyday life. Joko eventually won the duel and regained his show.

The third episode introduced a new wildcard contestant, 37-year-old Svenrik, who also managed to steal the show from Joko. In episode four, Svenrik hosted the show and came up with creative challenges for the guests, including making Sido prepare a roulade while focusing on quiz questions and having a naked speedster run through the studio three times. In the end, Joko was able to win back his show.

The star-studded guests on the show include rapper Sido, lead singer of Tokio Hotel Bill Kaulitz, actress Jasna Fritzi-Bauer, and the wildcard contestants like Svenrik and Helena. The latter has even had a prior encounter with Joko as he borrowed money from her at Berlin Central Station.

Overall, “Who is stealing the show from me?” continues to be an engaging and entertaining watch as Joko fights to keep his job while the guest contestants compete to steal it.

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