The Future of Mario: Ann-Kathrin Götze’s Plans to Emigrate

Ann-Kathrin Götze wants to emigrate - and what will become of Mario?

German influencer Ann-Kathrin Götze has surprised her fans by announcing her plans to relocate to Dubai. The confirmation came during a question and answer session on Instagram, where she was confronted with speculation about the move. Although Götze did not give any further details, she revealed that she is “100 percent” committed to the decision.

The news has left many wondering whether her husband, football player Mario Götze, will be joining her. Currently, he is under contract with Eintracht Frankfurt until the summer of 2025. It is unlikely that he will commute between Germany and Dubai, and Mario himself has stated that he was unaware of his wife’s plans.

However, Ann-Kathrin has previously expressed her love for Dubai and even mentioned the possibility of moving there while appearing on a podcast last year. She cited the city’s safety and a wide variety of things to do as reasons for considering the move.

There is already a social environment waiting for the couple in Dubai. Ann-Kathrin’s friend Ina Aogo lives there with her husband, ex-footballer Dennis Aogo. When asked about the move last year, Ann-Kathrin revealed that she has an agreement with her husband. She will move wherever he is playing, and when he retires, they will decide together.

Ann-Kathrin’s fans also questioned her about rumors that she is pregnant. Although she did not give a clear answer, she posted a photo of her well-trained stomach, suggesting that baby number two is not on the way. She did reveal that she and Mario are working on “club growth” and that she hopes to have a girl in the future.

The news of Ann-Kathrin’s move to Dubai has come as a surprise to many, including her husband. It remains to be seen whether Mario will join her in Dubai or stay in Germany to fulfill his football contract.

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