The Essential Role of Men According to Judith Williams and Katja Burkard

Judith Williams and Katja Burkard: It wouldn't work without our men!

Emancipation: Men and Women Working Together

Female empowerment is not about doing without men, but about working together. This was the message of the “Women on Top” event in Düsseldorf, organized by Nena Brockhaus and Vivien Wulf. The event brought together 100 women and men of all ages, including famous personalities from showbiz, journalism, and politics.

Among the guests were Lion’s Den juror Judith Williams and RTL presenter Katja Burkard, who also spoke to BILD about their successful careers and their husbands’ support. Williams emphasized the importance of having successful men by her side, but also noted that women can do it alone. She spoke of her gratitude towards her husband, who has been her consultant and manager throughout their career and family life.

Burkard, for her part, stressed the need for men’s support in achieving equal rights. She hopes that parents will become real partners in family work, and that women will be encouraged to pursue their dreams. The marriages of Williams and Burkard are proof that women can rely on their husbands, both in their career and in raising children.

Former “Die Höhle der Löwen” juror Frank Thelen also spoke at the event, noting the importance of encouraging women to pursue their goals. Law student Theresa Pauli won the annual “Women on Top” award, which paid off her student loan of 4450 euros. The prize was financed by the Brockhaus Group, which aims to encourage young women to pursue their dreams.

The evening was led by TV presenter Franca Lehfeldt, who emphasized the importance of dialogue instead of confrontation. Feminism is about working together, not against each other. The “Women on Top” event showed that men and women can achieve great things together, and that equal rights are only possible with everyone’s support.

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