The (Almost) Completed Olympic Village Works: A Look Back at the Organization of This Key Point for the Paris Games

The Olympic village will be officially completed this Sunday in time for the start of the Olympic Games. However, despite the completion, about 500 workers will remain on site for several weeks to finalize the site and plant the remaining 9,000 trees and bushes that will help to “green” the area. The keys will be handed over to the Olympic organization committee on March 1st, with an official inauguration ceremony to follow.

The building of the Olympic village, the most significant construction project for Paris 2024, was completed by Solideo, the company responsible for delivering the Olympic facilities. Although there will be fewer beds for athletes than originally planned, all the buildings have been constructed and will be ready to accommodate participants. The project has involved the construction of 84 buildings, one of which will even have a basketball court on its roof.

The Olympic village, which is located across the towns of Saint-Denis, Saint-Ouen, and l’Île-Saint-Denis, spans over 52 hectares and has required up to 3,500 workers at its peak. The project has also supported small and medium-sized enterprises, as well as providing social economic opportunities, with a total budget estimated at 1.8 billion euros.

The Olympic village will consist of apartments for athletes, with each apartment containing two to four bedrooms, shared living space, and several bathrooms. The designated isolation rooms for team leaders will account for 5% of the total apartments. Services for athletes will be conveniently located on the ground floor of the buildings.

As for the buildings planned on site, there will be a restaurant, a post office, a small shopping area, a cultural and tourist information center, and a reception hall. Additionally, a screen will be installed in the central square area where athletes can watch competitions.

Following the conclusion of the Olympic Games, the village will be converted into a residential area consisting of 2,807 apartments, welcoming 6,000 new residents, with the first arrivals scheduled for mid-2025. Furthermore, the Olympic village will have a sense of legacy as it transitions into a new community post-Games.

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