Surviving Hollywood: Brooke Shields’ Story of Rape and Recovery

Brooke Shields raped by Hollywood boss: "It's a miracle I'm still alive"

Brooke Shields: The Trauma that Haunted Her for Decades

Brooke Shields captured the heart of many after landing her teenage role in the movie “The Blue Lagoon” when she was only 14. But her sudden rise to fame in Hollywood also had its downsides, and it left her with wounds that never fully healed.

In a new documentary titled “Brooke Shields: Pretty Baby”, which is set to premiere in April on the US streaming service Hulu, the actress has decided to share what she describes as “the most traumatic moment of her life”. In the documentary, she speaks in detail about being sexually abused over 30 years ago by a high-ranking producer in Hollywood.

The actress had revealed the incident publicly in January after many years of silence, thinking that no one would believe her. She explained, “People didn’t believe stories like that back then. I thought I would never be able to work again.”

Shields is still silent about who the perpetrator is, but the crime is said to have happened after she graduated from Princeton University in the 1980s. The incident left Shields traumatized and it took a long time before she landed her next role in Hollywood.

The actress recounted an incident in her mid-twenties where she had dinner with an influential producer who later took her to a hotel room, allegedly to call her a taxi. Shields waxed in horror about the details of what transpired behind the closed doors of that hotel room.

In the film, she said, “It was like a struggle. I was afraid I would choke on air,” and “I just thought, ‘Stay’ alive and get out of here.’ Why did I go up with him? I shouldn’t have anything to drink with the meal.'”

While many might wonder if Shields would report the unknown rapist, that remains an open question. According to the actress, she only confided in one person, Gavin de Becker, a security expert and author.

In the documentary, de Becker said of Shields, “Not only did she survive, she thrived and became this wise, beautiful spirit who, through her honesty and courage, has helped so many people.”

Today, Shields is seen as a strong and self-confident woman. She has married screenwriter Chris Henchy and has two children with him. Although she has had numerous roles in her career, guest appearances in television series like “The Muppet Show,” “Two and a Half Men,” and “The Simpsons” are particularly memorable.

Overall, Shields’ story is a reminder that no matter how successful one might be, there could still be hidden scars that continue to haunt many for years.

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