Stream Alfred Hitchcock’s Essential Psychological Horror Film, 60 Years Since Premiere

Awakening of Nature in Fantastic Works

In times of climatic emergency, fantastic works centered on the awakening of nature and revenge of Mother Earth through the elements, inexplicable plagues have proliferated. This is a current topic but codes were already established sixty years ago by one of the masters of terror.

The Master of Suspense

Alfred Hitchcock, also known as the master of suspense, was framing it in thriller, which sounded more elegant and prestigious than thinking it was also doing pulp entertainment. His work has influenced much of today’s fantastic cinema and contemporary masters like M. Night Shyamalan.

‘The Birds’ – Classic Essential Work

Although Alfred Hitchcock’s work has influenced today’s fantastic cinema, one of his most exceptional works is ‘The Birds.’ Starring Tippi Hedren, the film begins with a simple yet effective story where a young woman from high society follows an attractive lawyer to Bodega Bay, where they encounter a series of angry and violent birds, leaving the citizens terrified.

Extraordinary Technique & Production Design

The technique used in ‘The Birds’ is extraordinary. It’s a masterpiece in production design and staging that leaves sequences perfect enough to set up a film school course. Hitchcock’s ability to unite the artistic and attention to form to magnify the substance with the commercial, created a complete experience people needed to see on the screen and shared their amazement and screams.

The Last Essential Work

There were many great works in Hitchcock’s filmography, but ‘The Birds’ has the reputation of being his last essential work. Sixty years later, it is still impossible to deny its qualification as essential to the horror movie genre.

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