Stern TV: Luise’s Case Sparks Disagreement Between Experts and RTL Viewers

"Stern TV": Case Luise – RTL audience clearly contradicts experts

On Wednesday, “Stern TV” featured the shocking murder of twelve-year-old Luise from Freudenberg in North Rhine-Westphalia. The young girl was allegedly killed by two other girls, one the same age and the other 13 years old. At the beginning of the show, host Steffen Hallaschka presented a survey on the age limit for criminal responsibility in Germany, considering that both suspects are not yet of criminal age.

The show also accompanied detectives in Hamburg, showcasing the dedicated criminal service team working 24/7 to prevent house and apartment break-ins. The team was on the trail of two suspects who committed three burglaries within a few hours at a detached house in Hamburg’s commuter belt. The TV team detailed the investigative work, including securing fingerprints at the scene of the crime. After three days, authorities identified and arrested a perpetrator.

Later in the show, drag queen and entertainer Olivia Jones joined Hallaschka to talk about their documentary, “Dying for Beginners.” The pair discussed the death that hit them the most, with Jones revealing how hard it was for her to cope with Daniel Küblböck’s death in 2018. They also spoke to Germany’s youngest undertaker, 17-year-old Luis Bauer, who shared insights into his everyday work and how he pays respect to the dead.

The program also featured Germany’s youngest tattoo artist, 13-year-old Lena Täuber, who has turned her hobby into a job by working in her father’s tattoo studio. The show explored the delicate topic of reducing the age of criminal responsibility in light of the Luise case, which sparked a discussion about the criminal justice system’s handling of underage offenders.

The program included a survey on this topic, which showed that 94% of viewers were in favor of reducing the age of criminal responsibility. More than half of the respondents felt that twelve years of age would be an ideal cutoff. The former investigator highlighted the importance of protective measures for both suspects and victims and emphasized the need for support to reintegrate young offenders into society.

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