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Christina Ricci: Pressured over sex scene

Christina Ricci, an American actress, recently opened up about the pressure she faced during filming of her first sex scene.

As reported by MSN, the actress was just 17 years old when she filmed her intimate scene for the movie “The Opposite of Sex.” According to Ricci, the experience was nerve-wracking for her and she was afraid of being judged by her family and others.

“I was just mortified,” Ricci said. “I didn’t want anyone in my family to see it. I didn’t want anybody to see it.”

Ricci also revealed that the director of the movie, Don Roos, was the one who placed the most pressure on her to film the scene. In fact, Roos even went as far as to tell Ricci that she would be replaced if she did not do the scene.

“I was really objectified, and I was really turned into a thing,” Ricci said. “Don Roos was telling me that I had to do this, or I was going to be fired, and he was being really, really tough on me.”

Ricci’s experience is unfortunately not unique in the industry. Many young actors are exposed to pressure and objectification when it comes to filming sex scenes or taking on other intimate roles.

It is important for directors and producers to understand that actors should not be coerced or forced into doing something they are uncomfortable with. Consent and communication should always be a priority on set.

In addition, it is important for young actors to have access to resources and support systems to help them navigate these difficult situations.

Thankfully, Ricci was able to overcome her reservations and go through with the scene. She has gone on to have a successful career in Hollywood and continues to advocate for better treatment of actors on set.

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