Stefan Mross’ Always on Sundays in jeopardy after police operation, says SWR

After the police operation: Does Stefan Mross lose "always on Sundays"?  First statement from SWR

The district court in Leipzig has reportedly issued a penalty order against Stefan Mross following a physical altercation in a hotel in May 2022. The incident allegedly involved Mross, a hotel guest, and the guest’s insults towards the “Always Sunday” star. The man called Mross a “playback artist” and “Schlagerfuzzi”, which prompted Mross to grab his shirt collar. Police were called to the hotel, and Mross has now been given a criminal record for the incident.

Given this development, many have wondered if Mross will lose his job as the host of “Always Again on Sundays”. The show is produced by the ARD station SWR and has been hosted by Mross since 2005. However, RTL has reported that SWR will continue to support Mross, and the broadcaster has stated that he will host the new season of “Always Again Sundays” from May 7, 2023.

Despite the incident, “Always Again Sundays” remains a highly anticipated show, with the new season set to begin on May 7, 2023. Fans can also look forward to a special “Best of” episode on September 3, 2023, although it will be without an audience.

While the incident may have tainted Mross’s personal reputation, it seems that his professional standing remains intact for now. It remains to be seen whether this incident will have any impact on his future dealings with the public or his role as a prominent Schlager music figure.

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