Masterchef 11: Surprising Expulsions and Unexpected Reinstatement in Gala 2

Masterchef 11 Premiere

Yesterday, the latest season of ‘Masterchef‘ premiered with some changes in its format. The show will now be issuing two weekly galas, each lasting three hours. In the season premiere, Pepe Rodríguez, Samantha Vallejo-Nágera, and Jordi Cruz eliminated two contestants and reinstated another.

Outdoor Test

After the elimination of the first gala, the contestants traveled to Toledo for the outdoor test. The competitors were divided into three teams and had to prepare a menu for 160 diners. Blue team emerged victorious, while the rest with the black aprons.

Elimination Test

The elimination test for the applicants required them to work with a tight budget of 70 euros. Rachel ran out of money for her ingredients and her dish was the worst of all, thus proceeding directly to the final test. Rachel risked her place in the last challenge against Karla and Israel, two recaptured contestants.

Final Decision

Ultimately, Rachel was eliminated along with Israel, and Karla was reinstated into the show. Karla expressed her excitement for the win, while Rachel felt sad leaving the competition with so much left to show.

In conclusion, the new season of ‘Masterchef’ promises a lot of surprises and expected twists for its audience.

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