Sophia Thomalla Reveals Alexander Zverev’s Intense Reaction to Rammstein Question

Sophia Thomalla: Alexander Zverev's violent reaction to the Rammstein question

Sophia Thomalla and Alexander Zverev have been the talk of the town since they went public with their relationship in autumn 2021. The couple, often referred to as Germany’s tennis ace, is known for their social media PDA and lovey-dovey appearances at events. However, a recent video from November 2022, where Zverev makes a drastic move, has sparked rumors of jealousy in the couple’s relationship.

The video in question was made on the occasion of the Davis Cup and features Zverev alongside four other German tennis professionals. In the video, the athletes answer “Who would rather…” questions while holding the name tags of their teammates. When asked which of them would most likely go to a Rammstein concert, Zverev throws the name tags in the air, jumps up from his chair, and storms off, saying, “I’m out of there.”

Observers quickly noted that Thomalla, who was in a relationship with Rammstein’s frontman, Till Lindemann, from 2011 to 2015, might have something to do with Zverev’s reaction. However, the tennis star returned to his teammates seconds later, solving the situation with a laugh. Zverev’s response shows that instead of jealousy, humor is the order of the day in his relationship.

Despite the rumors, there is no reason for jealousy in Thomalla and Zverev’s relationship. The couple spends a lot of time together, and Thomalla accompanies Zverev around the world to his tennis games. However, when asked which of the athletes would attend a Rammstein concert, none of them raised their names, including Zverev.

Overall, the video seems to be just a moment of fun between teammates, and Zverev’s reaction was likely a playful one. It’s clear that the couple is still on cloud nine, and the incident has no effect on their harmonious relationship.

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