The Thrilling Action Flick Blending James Bond and ‘Mission Impossible’ with a Touch of ‘RRR’

‘Pathaan’ – The Action-Packed Indian Film Taking Amazon Prime Video by Storm Worldwide

One of the big movie sensations of last year was ‘RRR’, an excellent Indian film that even managed to win the Oscar for best song. However, there is another action-packed Indian film that is taking Amazon Prime Video by storm worldwide but is going unjustly unnoticed in Spain – ‘Pathaan’.

‘Pathaan’ tells the story of a former spy from the Indian intelligence service who joins a special unit that will have to deal with a terrorist threat that seems to be going against the president, but his plans end up being very different. Led by Jim, they will make things very difficult for Pathaan and his family, especially because of a mysterious and devastating virus.

It’s very difficult not to see in ‘Pathaan’ a kind of hypervitamin mix of the James Bond universe and the ‘Mission Impossible‘ saga, since we are dealing with an action and spy thriller that takes place throughout various cities around the world.

Behind the Cameras

Regarding the treatment of the action, of course ‘RRR‘ comes to mind, since an excessive approach is opted for, although perhaps here the sense of epic that overflowed in the film directed by SS Rajamouli is missing. Here we have behind the cameras Siddharth Anand, who does not set limits when it comes to freaking out in the busiest scenes, although he then goes too far in some calmer moments, wanting to avoid falling into the static.

Laugh at Himself

Another point in favor of ‘Pathaan’ is that he also knows how to laugh at himself without going too far or ending up falling into self-parody. In fact, there are situations in which one is not sure how serious things are or are aware of how crazy it is, such as the obsession with the hair of the character played by Shah Rukh Khan, another detail that reveals that surely ‘Mission Impossible 2’ is the favorite film of that saga of those responsible.

Global Success

Released in its home country this past January, ‘Pathaan’ swept to such an extent that it became the fifth highest-grossing Indian film of all time. Curiously, in Spain it came to theaters at the same time as in its country of origin, but practically no one paid attention to it, as just over 8,000 people came to see it on the big screen. In fact, it was only released in theaters in a handful of countries, but its arrival in the Amazon Prime Video catalog in many territories has caused its popularity to skyrocket.

Its success has been such that it became the number 1 movie worldwide on that platform last week and slipped into the list of the most viewed in many countries. Spain has not been one of them.

If you are looking for an action-packed film filled with suspense and thrilling stunts, ‘Pathaan’ is definitely worth the watch.

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