Söder Daughter Overcomes Anorexia: The Story of Gloria Burkandt

Söder daughter Gloria Burkandt: Her way out of anorexia

Gloria Burkandt, the eldest daughter of Bavaria’s Prime Minister Markus Söder, has recently opened up about her years of mental suffering. She battled anorexia and weighed just 59 kilos at a height of 1.85 meters, causing her parents to be desperate to offer every support possible.

However, their attempts were unsuccessful, leaving Burkandt to feel trapped and misunderstood. To the public, she appeared happy and successful, working in the fashion industry in Paris, New York, Istanbul, and Milan. But inwardly, she felt bored and unfulfilled. She had no purpose in life and suppressed her true feelings, leading to her unhappiness and illness.

In early 2023, Burkandt managed to start over with the help of an acting coach named Jost Heider. Acting became her outlet, allowing her to express her emotions and feel more alive than ever before. Burkandt’s blueprint for happiness in life is now acting, and her mission is to become an actress.

As a child, Burkandt was always the loudest and found everything exciting. She wanted to conquer the world, but her behavior did not fit into society, leading to bullying. She suppressed her real self and developed anorexia, causing her to become sick.

After meeting her acting coach, Burkandt dyed her hair platinum blonde and started eating cake, pasta, schnitzel, and everything she loved as a child. She gained 15 kilos and finally likes what she sees in the mirror.

Through her struggles, Burkandt has learned that sometimes, you have to go through hell to dance on the clouds. She hopes her story will encourage others to seek help and pursue their passions.

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