Heartbroken Let’s Dance Celebrity Bids Farewell to Beloved Dog

"Let's Dance" star cries for his dog: "Adios, my love"

Jorge González and his dog Willie were inseparable best friends for 15 years. Jorge, who conquered the entertainment world on high heels, was supported by his furry companion to keep him grounded. However, fate has now ended their common path. Willie passed away peacefully on Wednesday morning after a two-day dying phase. Jorge confirmed the loss of his beloved four-legged friend on Instagram, saying “Adios, my love”.

For the “Let’s Dance” star, Willie was more than just a pet. He was a loyal and loving friend who brought joy to Jorge’s life every day. Willie was a Ratero breed, and he was found in the garbage can on Mallorca. The relationship between dog and owner was particularly intense because Jorge gave him a new home and saved his life.

Jorge shared with Bild that he never wanted a dog, but Willie found him, and they had a wonderful 15 years together. They experienced a lot, and Jorge carries the beautiful memories of his furry companion in his heart. Willie reached a proud old age, and fortunately, he was allowed to fall asleep peacefully. Jorge is grateful for that, and he wishes that his little one rests in peace.

According to Bild, Willie will be cremated and buried. Jorge and Willie’s relationship was a precious and unique one that touched many lives. Even in death, Willie will always live on in Jorge’s heart and memories.

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