Single Date Chaos: Tears Flow as Bachelor Scandal Unfolds

Bachelor scandal: On a single date, she bursts into tears

The Bachelor, David Jackson, is causing quite a stir among the ladies in the villa. In the third episode, David invites Lisa M. (32) to a breakfast date, causing the other women to get excited with screams and happy cackling. However, Lisa’s reaction is completely different, she bursts into tears at the announcement.

Lisa is not interested in a single date, but wants to win David’s heart. She is not feeling her best, suffering from insomnia, and feels uncomfortable being interviewed in front of the camera. Lisa is in a bad mood and even rolls her eyes when her fellow campaigner reads David’s invitation.

Despite her initial reluctance, Lisa agrees to go on the date with David. The Bachelor manages to put a smile on her face with a yoga session, delicious food, and swimming. As the two get to know each other better, there seems to be a spark between them.

However, the other women in the villa are skeptical about Lisa’s intentions. They doubt whether David is her type or not. They are unaware that Lisa and David seem to have chemistry, unable to keep their hands off each other during the pool session. David even claims there was “a kiss in the air,” but Lisa clarifies that she was not ready for a kiss at the time.

As the episode reaches its end, it is unclear whether Lisa will continue to warm up to David or not. Despite feeling uncomfortable in the villa, Lisa seems to thrive in David’s presence. Only time will tell if she will continue to pursue him or not.

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