Pati Charpoy’s Stunning Transformation for Televisa’s Gloria Trevi Bio series

A scandal has erupted on social media over the appearance of Pati Chapoy in the upcoming TelevisaUnivision series, ‘Ella’s soy yo’, which is set to air at the end of 2023. Producer Carla Estrada is behind the anticipated series, which centers around Gloria Trevi’s controversial past. Many people may not know that Pati Chapoy, the journalist and owner of ‘Ventaneando’, played an essential role in Trevi’s tumultuous history due to her coverage of the Trevi-Andrade Clan on Mexican national television during the late ’90s and early 2000s.

For legal reasons and due to their past issues, the journalist will be introduced in the series as Katy Godoy. Unfortunately, the production of ‘Ella’s soy yo’ cannot use Chapoy’s image or name, which is why they decided to represent her under an alias. Details on Chapoy’s participation in the series are unknown to date. However, it is expected that she will have a central role in the storyline.

Trevi and Chappy’s Enmity: The Background

Despite being a highly anticipated series, ‘Ella’s soy yo has a complicated backstory. Gloria Trevi claims that Chapoy started a smear campaign against her after the singer refused to be an exclusive artist for TV Azteca. Their enmity has even led to legal action, with Trevi initiating a $180 million lawsuit against the television station in 2009. Until now, the case remains unresolved.

Who Will Play Gloria Trevi in the Series?

With the series set to air soon, many fans have been wondering who will take on the role of Trevi. According to La Verdad Noticias, Scarlet Gruber has been chosen to portray the singer’s adult self in the series. In addition, the series has enlisted Luka Montellano to play the role of Trevi as a child, while Valentina Delgado will play her at six years old. Lu Rosette and Regina Villaverde will take on the roles of Trevi’s 11-year-old self and her youth, respectively.

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