Rust Continues to Maintain its Popularity Among Programming Languages

Programming languages: The popularity of Rust remains unbroken

The Stack Overflow developer platform has released its annual survey results, which were based on over 90,000 participants worldwide. The survey reveals the most popular and frequently used technologies among developers. The survey shows that Rust remains the most popular programming language and Phoenix has defended its position as the most popular web framework for the first time. Rust is not a widely used language, but it is popular among developers.

The Stack Overflow team decided to rephrase the question about “loved” and “dreaded” programming languages to “admired” or “desired”. The evaluation shows the proportion of respondents who admire a language they have used and want to use again in the coming year. The survey also shows the most frequently used programming languages, based on over 87,000 actionable responses. Rust has remained the most popular programming language in Stack Overflow’s poll since 2016, with 85 percent of Rust programmers wanting to stay true to the language.

JavaScript continues to be the most commonly used programming language, followed by HTML/CSS and Python. Rust ranks 14th in the list, with only 13 percent usage. Elixir follows Rust as the second most popular language, but it is only used by 2.3 percent of respondents. The survey also shows that MATLAB, Cobol, and Objective-C are the least popular languages, with only a small percentage of users who want to continue using them.

Other findings from the survey include Phoenix securing the top spot as the most popular web framework and ChatGPT being the most popular AI search tool. The most popular AI developer tool is GitHub Copilot. The Stack Overflow team provides further insights into the “2023 Developer Survey” in a blog entry and presents the study results on its website.

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