Revealing the Spicy Details of the Nude Photo Featuring Supermodel Emily Ratajkowski

Emily Ratajkowski Surprises with Spicy Valentine’s Day Photo

Supermodel Emily Ratajkowski surprised her followers on Valentine’s Day by posting a naked photo on Instagram with comedian Eric André. In the photo, the pair are lying naked on a couch, surrounded by scattered clothes and an open bottle of wine. Ratajkowski was previously married to film producer Sebastian Bear-McClard and had a brief romance with Pete Davidson.

Eric André Reveals How the Spicy Snapshot Happened

In an interview with “Rolling Stone,” Eric André revealed that the photo was not planned and was taken spontaneously. “There wasn’t much thought behind it,” he said. The comedian and the model had been hanging out and drinking wine when Ratajkowski suggested taking a photo. The pair agreed that the resulting image was beautiful and should be shared with the world.

Eric André Talks About Art

For Eric André, the spontaneity of the photo is what makes it special. “Capturing spontaneity and happy coincidences, that’s what art is all about,” he said. The comedian has his own comedy show and finds humor in the media frenzy around his relationship with Ratajkowski.

Emily Ratajkowski and Eric André’s Relationship

The photo led to speculation in the media about the relationship between Ratajkowski and André, but the comedian is keeping mum. “I don’t talk out of the box,” he said. The pair had first been linked in January when they were photographed together.

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