Renault Scenic E-Tech Electric: Revolutionizing the Van into an E-SUV

Renault Scenic E-Tech Electric: The van becomes an E-SUV

The end of Renault’s vans is approaching, with only the names remaining. The iconic Espace has already transitioned into an SUV, and now it’s the Scenic’s turn. The new Scenic, which will be unveiled in September, has been transformed into an E-SUV. Renault had previously hinted at this direction with the Scenic Vision study, which featured a fuel cell. However, the production model will have a battery-electric drive.

The first images of the new Scenic show a slightly camouflaged SUV about the size of a VW Tiguan, measuring around 4.5 meters long. This indicates that Renault is targeting buyers who are looking for a battery-electric car with more space than the smaller Megane E-Tech can offer. The segment of e-SUVs in this size range is already well-populated by brands like BMW, Volkswagen, Kia, Mercedes, and Volvo, with Ford and Opel set to join in the future.

Technically, the new Scenic will be based on the smaller Megane E-Tech. It is likely to offer the same engine options, with outputs of 96 kW and 160 kW. However, it remains to be seen whether Renault will also offer the 40 kWh battery option in the Scenic, as most customers prefer the 60 kWh version in the Megane E-Tech. The 60 kWh battery can be charged with up to 130 kW, while the smaller battery can only handle a maximum of 85 kW. Both batteries can be charged with 22 kW of alternating current. It can be assumed that the Scenic will also have the same charging capability.

Visually, the new Scenic differs from its predecessor, but it follows the current direction of Renault’s design language. As for the price, the smaller Megane E-Tech starts at 42,000 euros, while the version with the 60 kWh battery starts at least 46,600 euros. If the Scenic does not come with the 40 kWh battery option, its base price will likely be slightly below 50,000 euros.

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