PSG Held to a Draw by Manchester United, Paris FC Close to an Upset against Wolfsburg

Le Paris FC and Paris Saint-Germain (PSG) both secured draws in their respective matches on Tuesday. Although the draws had different meanings, they ultimately had similar consequences. In the first leg of the Champions League play-off round, Paris FC drew 3-3 against Wolfsburg, while PSG drew 1-1 against Manchester United. The Paris FC team came close to achieving an upset, while PSG had some moments of anxiety against the Manchester side.

Paris FC, managed by Sandrine Soubeyrand, almost pulled off an impressive victory at home against the two-time European champions, Wolfsburg. The Paris team took the lead twice during the match, but ultimately succumbed to the experience of the German opponents, primarily due to a brace from Alexandra Popp. Vivien Endemann opened the scoring for Wolfsburg but Gaëtane Thiney equalized for Paris FC. Mathilde Bourdieu then put Paris FC ahead, but Julie Dufour’s goal was not enough to secure a win. Despite the draw, Soubeyrand expressed satisfaction with her team’s performance, stating, “We showed some great things. To be leading 3-2 against Wolfsburg, who were in the Champions League final last year, with a squad that does not have the same resources as big European teams like Barcelona or Wolfsburg, is gratifying. It was the kind of match we wanted to play.” Paris FC will now aim for another remarkable performance in the return leg in Germany next week.

On the other hand, PSG, considered the favorites in the double-header, will need to win the return leg on October 18 at Parc des Princes to secure a spot in the group stage of the Champions League. The team dominated in the first half and took the lead through Tabitha Chawinga’s goal, assisted by Sandy Baltimore. However, PSG lost control of the game in the second half, as Manchester United launched a series of attacks, fueled by the ambition of their coach, Marc Skinner. The equalizing goal came from Melvine Malard, who showed more determination than the PSG defense to head the ball into the net from a corner. Both teams will face a decisive second leg at Parc des Princes next week to determine their fate. Failing to qualify for the Champions League would be a huge disappointment for PSG, a team that has regularly competed in the elite European competition.

In conclusion, both Paris FC and PSG obtained draws in their respective matches. Paris FC put up a strong fight against Wolfsburg but will need to overcome the German side in the return leg to reach the group stage. PSG, on the other hand, will have to secure a victory in the return leg against Manchester United to avoid missing out on the Champions League. Both teams will be determined to achieve their goals and continue their European campaigns.

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