Prussia Captain Lorenz Determined to Overcome Defeat Streak

Prussia captain Lorenz: "We don't want to lose any more games!"

The Chest of the “Black-White-Green” is Getting Broader

Münster’s football team is on fire, having achieved ten victories in a row. The Prussian captain, Lorenz, is confident that his team has what it takes to continue their winning streak. The fans are ecstatic, and their cries of “All together for Prussia Munster” could be heard throughout the stadium. The team is currently eleven points ahead of their closest pursuer, Gladbach II, and they are confident that they can secure a return to the third division.

Captain Marc Lorenz’s Determination

Captain Marc Lorenz is determined to see the season through and keep his winning streak alive. Lorenz believes that his team has a great squad and plenty of quality, making it difficult to stop them. Even a missed shot couldn’t dampen Lorenz’s enthusiasm for the game, and he remained composed during a foul penalty against Schalke’s amateurs.

Coach Sascha Hildmann’s Criticisms

While Hildmann had little to complain about during the game, he was unhappy with his team’s reaction to a penalty that wasn’t converted. Hildmann emphasized the importance of staying focused throughout the game and not getting carried away too soon. However, the team’s victory was well deserved, and they demonstrated their quality with icy coldness on the pitch.

Looking Forward to the Next Game

Münster’s next game will be against 1. FC Bocholt on Sat., March 25th. The team will once again be supported by at least 1000 fans, who will travel to the “Am Hünting” stadium to watch Münster’s high flight continue. With the support of their loyal fans, the team is confident that they can keep their winning streak alive and secure a return to the third division.

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