Porsche Unveils Mission X: Revolutionary 900 Volt Super Sports Car Study

Porsche Mission X: study of a super sports car with 900 volts

Porsche is looking to establish itself at the forefront of electromobility technology with its Mission X study, a super sports car boasting 900 volts. The car manufacturer aims to produce the fastest, street-legal vehicle on the Nürburgring-Nordring, which will require an exceptional chassis, aerodynamics and a great deal of power. The production model will reportedly be the fastest car on the track, although pricing has yet to be revealed.

Porsche has promised an impressive power-to-weight ratio when the car arrives, with orientation based on the Porsche 918 Spyder, which drags around 1.8 kg per horsepower. The aim is to create a production car that weighs about the same with similar horsepower, with Porsche being coy on details around the make-up of the powertrain that will deliver the acceleration.

To achieve high loads for longer, the motor of the electric vehicle will be cooled by direct oil, while the battery system will be given the same treatment to help avert heat issues that can arise during high-speed charging. The voltage level is set at 900 volts, while the maximum charging capacity is 270 kW.

At present, Porsche is not revealing any details of when the production model will be made available, although it could be within the next two years. The price has not been disclosed, but Porsche has stated that it is expecting significant interest despite the cost, with the Mission X being likened to the 959 from the 1980s – a car that was sold out quickly despite a high price tag.

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