Paris Paradis: This festival is reminiscent of Météor

Responsible commitment lies at the heart of the discourse of the boss of Météor. Explanations.

Météor’s presence at Paris Paradis, is it important for your brand?

It is a festival that we really like because it conveys values that we are close to. At Paris Paradis, we meet many festival-goers who come with their families. This intergenerational and family dimension, this simplicity… Naturally, it speaks to us. In this sense, the festival is somewhat similar to Météor.

Tell us about your history…

We are a small-scale company. I come from a family of brewers and we have been in this business for eight generations. Météor is also a popular brand, which aims to offer everyone products that are both good and accessible to the widest audience.

You are also committed to environmental protection…

Yes. Like the festival, which offers a reflection on the city of tomorrow, we do our best to improve our carbon footprint. For several years now, we have been reusing containers through a deposit system to preserve water. We can save about 70% of the water we use simply by not throwing away the bottles we use to store our beer. The same goes for carbon dioxide emissions. Using deposit systems is much more effective than recycling! At the same time, we have set up our own water purification plant to purify the water we use… Ecology is a very important aspect of our work. The company has existed since 1640. If we want it to continue to exist in the years to come, we must ensure that we preserve the environment.

Looking back on Paris Paradis 2023


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