Panasonic’s Latest TV Models with Enhanced Gaming Features

New TV models: Panasonic is increasingly focusing on gaming features

Panasonic Unveils New Range of OLED and LED TVs for Gaming

Panasonic has recently launched its new range of OLED and LED televisions for gamers. The company has shown an increasing focus on gamers as potential customers this year. In fact, Panasonic has become the official TV partner for the upcoming video game, Diablo IV.

Panasonic’s new MZW984 series OLED TV models can receive game content in 4K resolution and have a refresh rate of up to 120 Hertz via HDMI 2.1. Additionally, the models now have the capability to support NVIDIA G-Sync, VRR, and AMD Freesync (in the premium version) with regard to variable refresh rates.

Panasonic has claimed that the TV models features OLED-exclusive tools. The sets can automatically recognize an Nvidia RTX graphics card when connected to a system; the TV further optimizes input lag and VRR settings. The new OLED TV series also has a True Game Mode” that provides accurate color reproduction. Moreover, the improved HDR tone mapping offers a true-to-original display of games with an increased contrast range. Players can even calibrate the True Game Mode using the “Calman Color” software from Portrait Displays.

A series of gaming data is also displayed when the TV set is in gaming mode. This feature can only be accessed if the source provides the data. However, the new Panasonic TVs do support the dynamic HDR format Dolby Vision, but only up to 60 Hertz. Panasonic has also stressed that it has improved the quality of the image in terms of film playback. They have revised their Filmmaker Mode”, which ensures that cinema enthusiasts will see movies in the way the director intended.

Furthermore, the Panasonic TVs have long supported Dolby Vision IQ and HDR10+ Adaptive. The new MZ1500 models even have sensors that recognize the color temperature of the ambient light and adjust the image accordingly. The models of the MZ1500 series will be available from August at prices starting from 2100 euros. They will differ from the top-of-the-line MZW2004 series in terms of some features but will still come closer to the top class. The 55 and 65-inch screen diagonal models offer a Master OLED Pro panel that is specially calibrated in Hollywood, significantly improved peak brightness, and a higher contrast range.

In conclusion, Panasonic’s new range of OLED and LED TVs for gamers has made significant improvements for gamers. The TVs offer great value, offering excellent display quality and a range of features to improve gaming experience.

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