Orestes Speaks Out: My Personal Situation, ‘Pasapalabra’ Failure, and Exposing the Media

Orestes Barbero: The History Behind His Pasapalabra Journey

It was October 1, 2021, and Orestes Barbero was sitting on the set of ‘Pasapalabra’ for the fourth time. He had been associated with the program since 2016, but the first time around, it only lasted for three programs. The second time he was defeated before starting, and the third time, in 2019, he endured 119 programs before the Supreme Court ordered the cancellation of the Telecinco program.

It was during his fourth appearance that Orestes was able to take the Rosco and seal his win. However, a year and a half later, he suffered a loss against Rafa, leaving fans wondering how he would be coping. The concern was fueled by Luis De Lama, a former participant in the contest, who stated on ‘Espejo público’ that Orestes was not going through his best moment.

The Truth Behind the News

Orestes soon took to Twitter to assure his fans that he was feeling perfectly fine. He expressed disappointment at the media for their lack of respect and focus on sensationalism. However, he decided to break the silence and share his side of the story.

Orestes clarified that he was not extremely collapsed and devastated, but instead recovering from an emotional hangover. He was happy and grateful, and the news reports were unfair to his being.

Living A Life of Tranquility

Orestes has decided to move on with his life, enjoying the tranquility he had before ‘Pasapalabra.’ He prefers not to grant interviews, but one thing is clear – he is at peace with himself and moving forward.

In other news, ‘Who’s the mole?’ has become a popular contest on Netflix. The mix of paranoia, escape rooms, and reality gives a frustrating yet unbeatable result.

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