OpenAI Collaborates with Salesforce to Provide AI Services

Partnership: OpenAI ML models in Salesforce services

Salesforce Combines ML Models with OpenAI and Releases EinsteinGPT

Salesforce took advantage of the developer conference TrailblazerDX 2023 to announce that it has combined its own machine learning (ML) models with those of OpenAI. The company also released its own AI software, called EinsteinGPT, which is integrated directly into Salesforce’s customer relationship management (CRM) software. According to Salesforce, it is one of the first companies to offer generative AI in CRM software.

EinsteinGPT’s Features

Salesforce added new features to its software, including EinsteinGPT, Slack, and many other services. The new models, similar to ChatGPT, focus on generating texts, and aim to facilitate the work of users in customer management and service. Ready-made texts and text modules can be easily used by anyone.

Not only is EinsteinGPT designed to assist developers in finding suitable code snippets, but it can also understand and answer questions about the APEX programming language. The integration can explain various charts and plots in response to simple questions and commands. In addition, it can recognize the context of different data and thereby make more accurate statements. When integrated into Tableau, Salesforce’s data visualization software, EinsteinGPT aims to simplify data analysis.

Salesforce’s AI Investment Fund

At the conference, Salesforce announced the launch of a new AI investment fund with $250 million in capital. The fund will help promote further start-ups in the AI sector. By investing in four AI start-ups in its initial phase, Salesforce is contributing to the development of the sector.

Salesforce is not only working to improve its own AI software but is also promoting investment in the sector. With its integration of EinsteinGPT and its investment fund, the company hopes to expand the uptake of AI and facilitate the work of users in customer management and analysis.

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