Olexesh, the Gangster Rapper: Losing Love due to GTA Infidelity

Gangster rapper Olexesh: Girlfriend breaks up because he cheated on GTA

Rapper Olexesh’s Unexpected Strip Club Adventure

Rapper Olexesh, known for his lyrics about a gangster life, found himself in an unexpected situation during a Grand Theft Auto (GTA) video game session. He had just visited a virtual strip club when his ex-girlfriend walked in, causing her to abruptly end their relationship.

During an interview on the “Deutschrap ideal” podcast, Olexesh shared his experience with his Frankfurt rap colleagues Celo and Abdi. He explained how his girlfriend saw him in a booth with a dancer and immediately broke up with him. While Olexesh found the situation humorous, his ex-girlfriend clearly did not.

Although Celo and Abdi found the situation hard to believe, they suggested ways for Olexesh to potentially salvage the relationship. Abdi humorously suggested sending virtual flowers to his girlfriend in GTA.

In a later interview from June 2022, Olexesh revealed that he has found a new love interest. It remains to be seen if his new partner will be more understanding of his virtual strip club adventures.

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