New GD32H7 Microcontrollers by GigaDevice: Powered by Arm Cortex-M7

GigaDevice introduces GD32H7 microcontrollers based on Arm Cortex-M7

GigaDevice has added Arm Cortex-M7 microcontrollers (MCU) to its product line with the GD32H7 series, promising not only high efficiency but also outstanding performance. With a maximum clock speed of 600 MHz and 1552 DMIPS, the MCU also scored 2888 points in the CoreMark benchmark. The GD32H7 series boasts a DSP hardware accelerator, a double precision floating point unit, as well as a hardware trigonometric mathematical unit. It also has various interfaces such as eight U(S)ARTs, two SDIOs, four I2Cs, six SPIs, four I2Ss, and two Octal SPI.

Other interfaces include two USB 2.0 OTG and two Ethernet interfaces, as well as three CAN FD modules. The GD32H7 series also features a built-in LCD controller and an Image Processing Accelerator, making it ideal for controlling displays. It also has a serial and SPDIF audio interface, and an interface for digital cameras. The GD32H7 MCUs are designed for signal processing, motor control, audio and voice recognition, and image applications. GigaDevice also sees potential for applications in machine learning and AI.

GigaDevice plans to make the first GD32H7 samples and development tools available to customers in June 2023, with mass production expected in the fourth quarter of the same year.

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