Netflix’s Weekend Top Picks: Hottest Films & Series on Demand

Netflix Top 10: The most popular films & series for the weekend

Spring has arrived and people are excited to enjoy the nice weather. Tables are being set outside in restaurants and cafes, and people are already taking walks in the parks wearing t-shirts. Spring flowers like crocuses are also starting to bloom, adding more color to the natural landscape.

During the evenings, many people prefer to spend their time at home, enjoying the comfort of their couch and watching movies or series. Netflix is a popular choice for entertainment during these times, with many options to choose from. Crime series like Luther are always popular, and the brand new movie is a must-watch for fans. Apart from crime stories, there are a lot of other genres on Netflix, and people can explore the charts to find something that suits their taste.

One of the most recommended films at the moment is Gut gegen Nordwind based on the bestselling novel of the same name. The story revolves around two people who accidentally develop a deep and intense friendship that eventually leads to love. This film is directed by Vanessa Jopp and is listed in the top films on Netflix this week.

Other popular films at the moment include Ad Astra, Shazam!, and Good against the North Wind. In terms of series, You and The Glory are leading the pack, followed by Luther and Sex/Life.

As people continue to enjoy the warm weather and the beauty of nature, entertainment providers like Netflix will continue to offer an escape for people to relax and unwind while staying indoors.

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